recent testimonials

"We weren’t sure what to expect when Matt was invited to present before our annual membership meeting. He was a very pleasant surprise. Matt was a pleasure to work with, his seminar was innovative, the presentation was dynamic and his enthusiasm for the course was contagious. Our attorneys thoroughly enjoyed his program. We will most certainly invite him back!”

— Jonathan Cowles, Middlesex County (NJ) Bar Association Executive Director

"Matt has presented to our Bar twice, and did a great job for us both times. He was easy to work with, and the presentations were innovative, professional and dynamic. He’s enthusiastic about the art and science of persuasive writing, and his enthusiasm is contagious. The courses were both well attended.  Our attorneys enjoyed them and left with many useful tips for their practices.  We look forward to scheduling Matt for future programs in Camden County."

- Laurence Pelletier, Camden County (NJ) Bar Association Exec. Director

"Lincolnesq has presented to our Bar twice… they were easy to work with, the workshops were unique, and the presentations were dynamic. They are enthusiastic about their course, and the enthusiasm is contagious…”

-Mary Kohlbacher, Erie County (NY) Bar Association Director of Continuing Education

“Best seminar I have attended in years...”

— Attorney, 6/8/17 Persuasive Writing Workshop in Maple Shade, NJ

“Professor Litt was a good speaker, entertaining and the topic was very interesting. It was very nice to have an ethics seminar on something other than “ethics” since I feel like they often repeat the same material over and over and we are required to take them so often. I enjoyed the opportunity to hear something completely different.”

— Attorney, 5/10/17 Ethics of Attorney Marketing Seminar in New Brunswick, NJ

"Professor Litt is very humorous and gave great examples to illustrate points. He's super-funny and passionate about what he does." 

-Non-Attorney Professional, 6/24/17 In-House Write Like a Lawyer Workshop for NJM Insurance

"Professor Litt gave great examples and the exercises were a great way to challenge our thinking while writing. He was very personable and laid back while still expressing confidence and knowledge." 

-Non-Attorney Professional, 6/24/17 In-House Write Like a Lawyer Workshop for NJM Insurance

“Professor Litt was excellent and very personable.”

— Attorney, 4/21/17 Strategic Writing Workshop in Danville, PA

“Prof. Litt made class interesting and fun. I not only learned during this course but also enjoyed it.”

-Anonymous Law Student, Seton hall law school

“Great professor. Very informative and helpful throughout the entire class.”

-Anonymous Law Student, Seton Hall Law school

“Excellent class. Great accessibility. Good atmosphere for learning.”

-Anonymous Law Student, Seton Hall Law School

“Prof. Litt is a great professor, and any student who has him as a professor is lucky…I do not have any bad things to say about Prof. Litt, and I have many more good things I could say.”

-Anonymous Law Student, Seton Hall Law School

“Awesome professor. Very helpful.”

-Anonymous Law Student, Seton Hall Law School 

“Professor Litt is an amazing professor…his teaching style is easy and accessible, as is he.”

-Anonymous Law Student, Seton Hall Law School