the persuasive writing certificate program




TUITION: $1,845 (Financial Aid Packet Available Upon Request)   

There is no better way to distinguish yourself, either at your current job or when looking for a new position, than as a strong writer. Every employer is looking for strong persuasive writers. The Lincolnesq Persuasive Writing Certificate Program not only teaches you to be a skilled persuasive writer; we award you the Lincolnesq Certificate upon completion to prove it.  

The eight-week course is taught by best-selling author, Professor Matthew R. Litt, Esq. Professor Litt combines his academic experience as a writing professor at Seton Hall Law School with his practical experience as Appellate Practice Chair at one of New Jersey's largest law firms to design a course that is dynamic, engaging, and eminently useful.    

The Lincolnesq Program will change the way you think about and approach persuasive writing. The program provides lawyers and non-lawyer professionals at all levels of experience with innovative techniques to improve their writing. But even more importantly, the course ignites your enthusiasm for persuasive writing so you'll look forward to every opportunity to write persuasively. 

The best part about the Program is Lincolnesq never leaves your side - we are with you forever. Our team of persuasive writers is available to help you edit documents for a full year from your Certification date, and our Career Services department will provide you with guidance and resume and cover letter help in perpetuity.   

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Week 1 (90 minutes): The History of Persuasive Writing in American Jurisprudence; the State of Persuasive Writing & the Opportunity for Skilled Writers; The Key to Persuasive Writing – What is your Why
Week 2 (90 minutes): A Study of Abraham Lincoln and the Profession’s Greatest Writers
Week 3 (90 minutes): Examining the Classics – A study of the briefs submitted in Brown v. Board of Ed., Bates v. Arizona, Bush v. Gore, and other of the legal profession’s best-known cases
Week 4 (90 minutes): In Their Own Words - What do Judges (and Law Clerks) Want?
Week 5 (90 minutes): Powerful Use of Point Headings & Subheadings; Persuasive Use of Citations
Week 6 (90 minutes): Making "Boring" Facts Come Alive; Strategic Editing
Week 7 (90 minutes): Professionalism and Ethics in Legal Writing
Week 8 (60 minutes): Final Exam